June 2016, new realease of RTD/zOS is now available.

INTERCHIP AG is announcing that RTD/zOS Version 8.1.0 has now reached General Availability status. RTD/zOS Version 8.1.0 is the initial product in the RTD Suite of products.

RTD/zOS Version 8.1.0 is a complete replacement for RTD 8.0.0 and earlier releases, and includes the following optional features:

·PM – Preserve Mirror Support provides full support for devices using Remote Pair FlashCopy to maintain business continuity in z/OS environments with continuous dataset operations. FRO is a pre-requisite for PM.

·FRO – The Fast Replication Option allows optimal I/O performance and reduced dataset enqueue contention by letting I/O operations run as a background task in the I/O device controller, rather than being executed by channel programs in an RTD address space. Since the operation is almost instantly complete from the viewpoint of RTD processing, datasets are enqueued for significantly shorter periods when data movement takes place. FRO supports FlashCopy V2 devices.

·MAS – Multiple Address Space Support allows concurrent processing of up to 28 volumes and circumvents the MVS TIOT size limit which restricts the number of allocations (about 3,200) within an address space.

Please click here for further information about RT/zOS 8.1.0.

Datab now have a new Distribution agreement with Compuware in place for continued representation of ISPW in the Nordic region.

In mid April 2016 we came to an agreement with Compuware which means that we continue to serve our customer as well as work jointly with Compuware to reach out to new customers with ISPW. We are pleased with this and excited to now continue our efforts in getting more companies to convert to ISPW. Since we have done several conversions we know that converting from ChangeMan, Endevor or homegrown solutions can be done and that customers cut their costs for SCM almost right away.

ISPW Benchmark Technologies is being aquired by Compuware Corporation

On January 1 2016 it was announced that Compuware aquires ISPW Benchmark Technologies. This cam as a surprise to us at Datab and we are eager to find wasy to continue representing ISPW on the Nordic market. Read more in the press release here.